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Happiness & Horsemanship

By; Keen Behringer

Where we explore mental strength, staying focused, and personal growth through the challenges we overcome in life and in horsemanship. Follow us on this journey of parenthood, horse training, character building and humor while we navigate through this crazy journey called life!

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Latest from the Blog

The Lucky Ones

We are the lucky ones that on this challenging journey of life, horsemanship & self development we learn you can’t see the sunrise without the darkness of the night and the red morning sky paints promises of a beautiful tomorrow. You can’t reach a mountain of greatness while safely crossing a plateau. You will climb…

Tales of a Horse Trainer’s Kid; Volume I

The Wisconsin Futurity horse show rolled around a week or two ago and brought us our first taste of true blue Wisconsin autumn weather. The cool to warm fall sunny days were flanked with chilly and brisk evenings. As per usual I was under staffed & making miracles happen on a skeleton & partially volunteer…

I Sold My Daughter’s Horse Today

I sold my daughter’s horse today. I went in the barn and did all the things you do when you sell a horse. It seemed almost ceremonious as I gave her one last haircut to be sure she would leave the farm looking in top order. I took off her sheet that was embroidered with…

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