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Photo by Laura Stanton

Keen Behringer


I’m Keen Behringer, a professional horse trainer, wife and mother of two. I run a public riding and training operation in central Wisconsin. Oh, and I have a background in drawing and fine art. I’m on a journey of personal growth trying to find balance meanwhile juggling it all. Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes all you can do is start again tomorrow!

Keen hugs oldest daughter at a horse show

I fill my days with enough work to keep a team of ten men busy. I never shy away from labor and I think at this point, my blood is made primarily of coffee. I am raising my girls here at Sublime Saddlebreds LLC. They run and play in the dirt while I work horses, foal out mares and manage the farm.

I started this blog as a place to share my love for horses. I’ve come to appreciate a horse’s ability to improve a persons overall mental health and character. I’m partial to particularly American Saddlebreds, but any horse will do. I needed a place to be able to package my talents for teaching, writing, art and inspiration in one place. As if running farm, managing a family, maintaining a marriage and a business wasn’t enough, right?

I grew up in Upstate New York. As a late teenager I left, becoming somewhat of a gypsy for many years. I was traveling the world taking riding jobs and internships through college and beyond. I focused all of my effort into becoming a top horse rider and trainer. Now in my thirties and settled with a family, I want to share my journey up to this point. Hopefully I can inspire some young, horse enthusiasts, to keep climbing the ladder.

The road I’ve traveled has been wild. It’s been full of things you just can’t make up. I have had tough rides, bad falls, and huge disappointments. I’ve also experienced greatness and met some AMAZING people along the way. Somehow it has all guided me to a path of personal growth, constantly challenging myself to be the best human/mother/trainer/wife/business owner/artist I can be.

Keen & youngest daughter

So follow along see what you can apply to your own journey… And if you’re on the journey aboard a Saddlebred that’s even better!

I hope you love it!


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